It Costs Nothing to Use an Expert...
It Can Cost You Dearly If You Don't
It's a very wise idea to find out exactly HOW it can hurt you,
if you DON'T secure the services of an experienced, qualified,
buyer's agent, prior to purchasing a home...

For starters, going it alone - or using an inexperienced buyer's agent to
execute your purchase transaction - is totally fine, but only if you are an
extremely experienced real estate investor or an extremely
experienced building contractor.

Otherwise, it's the most ignorant thing you can do.


Number one, when you rush over to look at a home that you
just saw online, a home that you THINK is really nice, and is "just right"
for you, you will be dealing with, and negotiating with, the seller's agent -
and ONLY the seller's agent - if you decide to actually buy the property.

The seller's agent has absolutely no financial or legal obligation to protect
your interests in any way, shape or form. In fact, their obligation is ONLY
to the seller, and to protect their interests ONLY, and to maximize the amount of
money the seller receives on the sale of their home ONLY.

To put it bluntly, you are walking down a blind alley and
you have no defense against a financial ambush...

Secondly, when you look at houses online, all you see is pretty pictures.
You know absolutely zilch about the critical factors regarding the neighborhoods,
and the overall ramifications of that neighborhood's specific dynamics.

Does that neighborhood exist close to, or within, a high crime area? Is it situated
in a hidden flood plain? Are there really good schools nearby? Are property
values declining rapidly? You won't find that out by looking at those pretty
pictures online - and you most likely won't find out about
those things, if you deal ONLY with the seller's agent.

But most don't know if the "assessed value" prices
of the houses, are the ACTUAL prices for which the houses are selling.
And this can hurt you in many ways, all of them financial. If you don't know that the
houses in that area are actually selling for 20% less than the listing price,
you might pay full price for a home that is really selling for 20% less
than what you might eventually end up paying for it.

If that didn't wake you up, here's another thing to consider - let's say
you spot a beautiful-looking home, while doing MLS searches online...and
you want to rush over and take a look at it without the assistance of an
agent who knows their business like the back of their hand...well,
there is no MLS search category for "Scary Neighborhoods".

And oftentimes, even if you go LOOK at that beautiful home during the daytime,
and everything looks great in the immediate vicinity, and everything looks great
in the sunlight, well, depending on exactly where that home is situated,
there might be some scary neighborhoods nearby.

And after dark, those scary people come out and do scary things.

Schools are another critical consideration. Unless you really know somebody
in the area who understands which schools are the best schools, and which
schools are the less-desirable schools, you could purchase a home that might
meet your needs in terms of providing adequate shelter in a safe environment -
but your kids might wind up going to school in a location that is ill-suited
for not only doing a good job of protecting their personal safety, but nurturing
and increasing their scholastic development as well. (scroll down to continue)
Again, only an experienced agent who lives and works in the area
in which you want to live, can provide you with this type of critical information.
And when it comes to buying a NEW home, in a new home community, or even if
you buy any type of brand-new home at all - "flying solo" (not using a qualified
buyer's agent, or any agent at all, to represent you), can very often leave massive
amounts of discounts and incentives on the table,
and cost you an enormous amount of money.

People who rely solely on what they see on the Internet, when looking
at prospective houses to buy online, are in for a rude awakening -
especially if that is the ONLY research they do prior to buying
any house - anywhere - in the entire world.

Only an experienced real estate agent who knows the area, who lives
in the area, and who has worked in the area for an adequate amount of time,
can give you all the critical information you need to avoid purchasing a home
that not only DOESN'T meet your living needs - but might also
put your finances and/or your family at risk. (scroll down to continue)
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It doesn't cost you anything to do this.

But it can cost you a lot if you don't.

I am here for you...
David Haase is a REALTOR® with HomeSmart in Phoenix,
Arizona. David's wealth of experience as a REALTOR® has given
him a keen eye for spotting superb real estate values. David Haase
specializes in helping his clients buy and sell homes of any type at
all in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. A longtime resident of the
Valley of the Sun, and a successful, licensed agent for many
years, David Haase can help you find your own personal safe
haven right here in the beautiful Valley of the Sun...
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